Frequently Asked Questions

Who can hire a trailer?

Generally the hiring of trailers is aimed at the general public, not businesses but we won't rule out future opportunites so if you are business that is interested feel free to give us a bell! 

However, even the general public ( you and me) may hear about us from your local plumbing shop, plumber, builder or other customers!

When can I hire a trailer?

We deliver trailers 7 days a week so just let us know when you want the trailer 'from' and 'to' and we shall get that arranged.

Contact us for more details and availability

How much do the trailers cost?

The trailers have a daily rate associated depending on which trailer you wish to hire and there is also a delivery fee to cover the cost of transporting the trailer to your home and connecting it up, as well as showing you the essentials to operate it. 

So please contact us for a free quote!

Is it suitable for me?

There are some minimum requirements listed below but if you are unsure we can come out and check for you:

  • The trailer must be on a drive way ( as flat as possible) or suitable area of your privately owned land.
  • To get water into the trailer all we need is access to an outside tap or mains cold water source. We supply the hoses and connect it all up for you.
  • To get electric to the trailer, all we need is a 13amp double socket. We supply the cables and connect it up for you!
  •  To get rid of waste water from the trailer all we need is access to a waste water drain or manhole. Then as per the others we supply the hoses and connect it up for you.
  • FYI incase you were wondering for the Kitchen Trailers: The gas oven and hob which run on standard LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) there is no requirement for you, as we supply that within the cost of your rental!

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